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An average, healthy adult person typically benefits from a professional cleaning and check up every six months. While twice daily brushing and daily flossing go a long way towards maintaining a healthy mouth, it is wise to check for plaque that has hardened into tartar, requiring professional cleaning to avoid gingivitis.

Our office accepts nearly all of the major insurance plans. Also, we’re well-versed in the latest coverage trends, and are more than happy to discuss the particulars of your plan with you prior to any treatments

In case of a true dental emergency, please contact our Emergency Care line at (xxx) xxx-xxxx

There is no imminent medical emergency such as uncontrolled bleeding, unconsciousness or other bodily injury. Please contact us immediately by calling (xxx) xxx-xxxx to see a dentist as soon as possible. Simply describe the situation over the phone and our office staff will help you determine the safest and most appropriate plan of action.

Our entire practice team is well trained in state-of-the-art sanitation techniques designed to ensure patient safety. This goes beyond wearing gloves and facemasks to prevent passing germs, and includes a specialized sanitation center and a water filtration system guaranteeing a fresh water source for each patient.

We understand many people have qualms about having their teeth worked on. So, we strive to create a relaxing atmosphere. For entertainment and distraction, we have special headphones and a TV available in all rooms so you can keep your mind on more pleasant things. And for the more complex procedures, we also offer laughing gas and general and local anesthesia to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

A smile analysis determines the proper aesthetics with relationship to your facial symmetry, lip line and phonetics. Each person has a unique “perfect” smile; one proportional and flattering to your face to face. And with Smile Analysis, we can show you what your best smile can look like.

Snoring is tough on any relationship! And, since it can be caused by a number of factors, we encourage you to have your spouse come in for a consultation and analysis. In some cases, a person may actually stop breathing for short periods during the night, a condition called sleep apnea. In other cases, snoring can be caused by enlarged anatomical structures within the mouth and throat. During sleep, the throat area relaxes, allowing these structures to collapse against one another and obstruct clear airflow. In the latter situation, we can prescribe and fit a special appliance called a ‘snore-guard’, which gently holds the mouth and throat in an open position during relaxed sleep and thus prevents snoring.

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Our patients are constantly asking questions concerning a variety of subjects involving their oral health. So, we have provided a list of common questions and answers especially for you. If the question you have is not on our list, please feel free to either call or ask us in person. We would love you help you! You can also check out the Canadian Dental Association’s FAQ section of their website.

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